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Need a Nintendo Switch Case? See below for the Best Nintendo Switch Case to be had!

Best Nintendo Switch Case! This Switch Case by PDP is already a best seller on Amazon and it hasn't even released yet!
This Hard Shell Switch Case by PDP is already a Best Seller on Amazon and it hasn’t even been released yet! Get your Pre-Order! Don’t have your Switch go unprotected!

Ok, first off, congratulations on being able to get your pre-order in for the Nintendo Switch.  It is proving to be one of the hardest things to find right about as I write this on February 3, 2017.  It is just madness out there trying to get a pre-order in, so Conrats!!! So more so than with any other home console in the history of video gaming history, you will need a Nintendo Switch Case.  No if, ands, or buts about it as the Nintendo Switch is the first hybrid home console and portable gaming system so you know you will be gaming on the go with this bad boy.  And a Switch Case is beyond a necessity.  See below for the best Nintendo Switch case for your beloved console:


Official Nintendo Switch Case and Screen Protector

Official Nintendo Switch CaseAnd there is nothing like the quality of an Official Nintendo Product. Nintendo’s quality in all that it does is unsurpassed.  So it is no surprise that this OEM Nintendo Switch Case and Screen Protector is extremely hard to find and at a decent price of $19.99.  Official Nintendo Switch Case OEMAs of writing this it hasn’t even been released yet and it is already sold out of pre-orders everywhere. Not a lot is known about this case at this time other than it is elegant.  This guy holds 5 games and has a divider pad that protects the screen.
Nintendo Switch Case OEM is just Sexy!Comes with a Screen Protector as well. What you can tell from the photo below that it actually acts as a stand for your Nintendo Switch as well which is pretty dang awesome for Table Top mode when out and about. It offers a lower angle than the Switch provides which is great when seated higher than the Switch like on a coffee table! See the pic below. See more OEM Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch Case OEM is a great case and a stand!
The Nintendo Switch Case OEM actually acts as a Stand which comes in handy for the lower viewing angle and it also keeps your Switch Clean from bird poop at park picnic tables lol


Nintendo Switch PDP Case

Nintendo Switch Case by PDP is already a top 5 best seller in Switch Accessories on Amazon!
This Nintendo Switch Case by PDP is already i the top 5 Best Seller on Amazon in the Switch Accessories Category! PDP makes some of the best cases and accessories period.

The Nintendo Switch Premium Console Switch Case by PDP is a pretty elegant looking case if I do say so myself! The design matches the Switch Console itself and has a very sophisticated yet casual canvas that is soft.  I love the Red Nintendo Switch logo on the front.  Very, very sharp.  PDP also has a great reputation for making great cases! This is a soft Canvas Case which offers good protection and is light but if you want the best protection then you want a hard case listed a few cases below.


It holds up to 14 games and comes with a cleaning cloth which I’m sure will come in handy. This case will hold your Nintendo Switch with the Joy-cons attached so you just easily pop it in and then pop it out and just play. Nintendo Switch PDP Case holds 14 games and has a wrist strap to prevent those drops!

No fiddling with attachments or anything like that when you only have a just a few minutes to get your gaming fix in! The Wrist Strap is extremely handy as well (no pun intended:) ) as this will prevent drops and make it just the more easier to carry when you have your hands full.  Great for Moms and Dads who have to lug their kids stuff everywhere!  I know all about this with our 6 year old’s 3DS (3D is turned off though) comes with us almost everywhere and being able to grab the strap makes life easier and safer on our wallet! In case you are wondering, no our 6 year old will not be getting a Switch!  That’s for me!!!  Can’t wait!!! See all of PDP Nintendo Switch Cases 


Nintendo Switch Case Mario Edition by PDP

Nintendo Switch Case Mario Edition by PDPSo this is the same case as the one above but it is a Mario Edition which is pretty awesome! Granted Mario Odyssey isn’t coming out until December of 2017 but this Mario themed Switch Case will sure get you hyped and ready for one of the best Mario games to come out in quite a while.  I have to say that the Red and Black looks just killer.  I believe it holds more than enough games for just about anybody.  14 Games! Possibly 28 if its anything like its other cases which has enough give to let you double up the cartridges.

Nintendo Switch Mario Edition Case

It has the wrist strap as well which is pretty important.  If you are a Mario fan and are as excited about Mario Odyssey as I am, then you cannot go wrong with this Switch Case! See more Mario Nintendo Switch Cases


Nintendo Switch Case Mario Starter Kit – Mario Icon Edition by PDP

Nintendo Switch Case Mario Starter KitThis Switch Case Mario Starter Kit is quite the case for Mario Fans and just about anybody with a Nintendo Switch for that matter. And really, who owns a Nintendo System and doesn’t like Mario?!?! This is a sturdy case which looks more substantial than the Canvas Mario Case above.  Cool Decal of Mushrooms, Stars, and Blocks and Super Mario logo on the back side.  Really cool Coin Zipper which just all around makes this Mario themed Switch Case really come together. Gorgeous black and red interior that holds 12 Switch Games.  It appears to have an elastic strap that keeps the Switch in place so it doesn’t move around or fall out when you open it.  This case has a handy handle as well which can be a life saver at times.Nintendo Switch Case Mario Starter Kit by PDP Comes with Mario themes headphones. Mario Joycon Covers, Mario Analog Stick covers, and a Mario Cleaning cloth and I almost forgot, a screen protector with a Mario themed applicator.  Nintendo Switch Case Starter Kit


This is really beyond cool for Mario fan in all of us. The case has a pouch to hold the Mario headphones and other Switch accessories. See more Mario Nintendo Switch Cases


This is really a great Starter Kit and not too bad for the price.  Amazingly, this Starter Kit also comes in 3 other styles as well:  Zelda Link’s Tunic edition, Mario M edition, and a Gray edition Starter Kit.  All of these starter kits are the same but just with different themes which makes this really really appealing.


Nintendo Switch Case Super Rare Sheikah Eye Zelda CaseAnd as far as quality goes, this has to be one of the better quality cases as it is the exact same case that was used by Nintendo themselves for the Ultra Rare and Exclusive Sheikah Eye Switch Case that only comes with the Master Edition and Special Edition of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which is completely sold out.


So if Nintendo trusts this Case for one of its most beloved Franchises and release for potentially the greatest Zelda game of all time, then you better believe it is grade A quality! And if you are interested in getting this Ultra limited and Ultra Rare Zelda Breath of the Wild Case be prepared to spend $300-$400 for the Master Collection or Special Edition on eBay as they are completely sold out. Or you can get the Mario Icon Edition, Zelda Link’s Tunic Edition, or a Mario M Edition for $29.99!  The gray version uses a canvas cloth so it’s not quite the same as the rare Sheikah Eye version. See more Starter Kit Switch Cases


Nintendo Switch Case Zelda Edition by PDP


Nintendo Switch Case Zelda Edition by PDPOk, the real reason to have a Nintendo Switch on launch as we all know is for arguably the best franchise in gaming history, that’s right Zelda, and Breath of the Wild is shaping up to be looking like possibly the best Zelda game ever and that is no easy feat.  Ocarina of Time for me personally is my favorite Zelda game and favorite video game period.  So with that, having a Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch Case is just a must for any Zelda fan.Nintendo Switch Case Zelda Breath of the Wild Edition  This Breath of the Wild Switch Case is rather handsome and classy and flashy all at the same time which isn’t an easy thing to do.  And at $14.99 and being that it is made by PDP which is a reputable case maker and that it is officially licensed by Nintendo then it really is a great buy and investment to protect your Nintendo Switch.  See more Zelda Nintendo Switch Cases


Nintendo Switch Case Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case with Hard Shell by RDP

Nintendo Switch Case Hard Shell  by RDPNow this Hard Shell Nintendo Switch Case says protection! It’s nice and thick and just looks durable. It has a hard shell which offers much better protection than a soft shell case.  The padded divider is nice as well as it adds extra protection where it is needed most, on the screen.  It doesn’t have game card individual pockets which I personally prefer but it does have a zipper pouch to store the Cartridge game cases which hold 4 each, so a total of 8.  You just slide those cases into the zipper pouch.  This also comes with 2 micro SD card cases as well which is nice.  The handle is a nice touch and probably more practical than a wrist strap and more likely to be used to be honest.

Nintendo Switch Case with Hard Shell

And the best part about this hard shell Switch Case is that it also comes in Zelda Breath of the Wild Blue and Grey!!! Nintendo Switch Case Zelda Breath of the Wild!
If you need superior protection with a hard shell case and want Zelda Breath of the Wild then you cannot do any better than the RDP Traveler Deluxe Travel Case by RDP. Watch the World’s first ever Switch Case review of the Gray PDP Zelda Case!


You have a choice of Blue or Gray.  I don’t know which one I like better. Gold would be the best but no luck yet.  It is just gorgeous though, the detail in Link and the Breath of the Wild logo is just mesmerizing.  Very classy if I do say so myself! See more Zelda Switch Cases 


Nintendo Switch Case by Hyperkin Eva for $9.99

Nintendo Switch Case Hard Shell for $9.99Getting a Nintendo Switch Case for under $10 is simply amazing.  Getting one that has a hard shell as well may be quite the deal.  It holds 5 Games as well! This may be the best Switch Case for under $10. At this time nobody knows the quality of this Hyperkin Eva Switch case but by the photos it appears to be of decent quality but as we all know photos can be deceiving.  I’m not saying it isn’t a good case, I’m just saying with such a cheap price tag I would proceed with caution.  If you only have $10 to buy a case for your Switch and it means either you get this one or none at all then of course grab this one.  If you have a little more money to spend then I would personally get one that’s a little thicker as this one does seem rather thin and I don’t know if it could withstand a drop on one of those corners.  I would not trust this case for my kid and hey, adults drop things all the time too, it happens.  Check out the one above before considering this one.  It is twice as much at $19.99 but I think the added protection is worth it. See the Cheapest Nintendo Switch Cases 

Nintendo Switch System Case by RDS! Take your Dock and Everything Else with You!

Nintendo Switch System Case! Take it all with you including the Dock!Do you need to take your complete Nintendo Switch Console including the Dock with you to your Friend’s house where you will be having that killer LAN Party? Well, look no further.  This Switch System Case will allow you to take your entire Switch Console with you including the Dock, Power Adapter, HDMI Cable and controllers and all. And this guy is built rugged strong using 1680D material which is the strongest Fabric Strength Nylon/Polyester material.  So your coveted and beloved and hard fought for Switch System is safe from drops.  This may be the best protection money can buy for your Switch System. Now all you need is a pair of handcuffs to cuff it to your wrist when transporting 😉

Nintendo Switch System Case by RDS! Super Rugged! Take your Dock and everything else with you!This guy will transport your Switch with Joycons attached and a Pro Controller or another Joycon Grip with attached Joycons controller! This isn’t cheap at $39.99 but it sure looks like it will get the job done and protect your Switch which is what is most important bc if your Switch breaks then you just may be out of luck for months before they come back in stock and that’s not even mentioning the $299 + tax so $40 may be worth it if you are taking your entire Switch System with you on a regular basis. This Switch Case will hold your Switch naked, meaning without it being in its own smaller case and probably with it in one, so a case within a case…nesting cases log.  This is a really good thing because if you’re anything like me you will have a need for both so having that flexibility is important. I would highly recommend having a small portable case for your Switch which would go into this System Case for ultimate protection.  That way when you just want to take your Switch and not the whole system you have that protection in place and ready to go  See more Switch Cases that carry the entire System


Nintendo Switch System Case Backpack by PDP

Nintendo Switch Case Backpack by PDPAt $39.99 this PDP Backpack Switch System Case is not cheap at all but it seams that it will carry the entire Switch System and then some such as a Pro Controller, Headphones, and probably a little bit more.  It is definitely stylish for sure and probably easier to carry around then the RDP System Case I mentioned above as you could just wear it like a backpack.  I’m guessing it has a lot more flexibility in what it can carry as well so you may be able to include extra Joycons, grips, etc.  The downside of this backpack is that it is soft and not a hard shell case like the RDP above which is really strong as it uses 1680D material.  So for the best protection from drops, get the RDP Switch System Case above. I would also highly recommend you get a regular Switch Case that holds the Switch and Joycons attached and then put that into this Backpack for safe measure.  Then you’ll have the best of both worlds as you’ll be ready to take your entire Switch System with you or just the Switch Portable! You can get a cheap $9.99 Switch Case or check out the Switch Messenger Bag below which comes with a Switch Case!!!   See more Switch Cases that carry the entire System


Nintendo Switch Case and Messenger Bag by BD&A

Nintendo Switch Case Messenger Bag Combo!
This Switch Messenger Bag comes with a Switch Handheld Case Too!

This Nintendo Switch Case and Messenger Bag by BD&A not only comes with a messenger bag that holds the entire Nintendo Switch System, but it also comes with a Switch Case for the Switch with Joycons attached for handheld mode! And the pocket inside the Messenger Bag is designed to fit the Switch Case perfectly! This is important because you will get the best of both worlds for $39.99. I would be really nervous putting my Nintendo Switch into any bag or case pocket without it being covered or protected somehow as bag pockets can collect sand and dirt and my have abrasive material such as velcro that can scratch that oh so precious screen :( Nintendo Switch Case Messenger Bag that comes with a handheld Case too!So having your Switch inside of its own dedicated small case that goes into a bigger case or bag makes all the sense in the world.  Of course you can buy these separately to suit your own needs of course but if you want a one stop shop and done, then this Messenger Bag is the one.


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