New 3DS Pink Cover

Use a Pink New 3DS Cover to glamorize and protect that boring New 3DS XL! A New 3DS Pink Cover are very affordable and easy to put on!

Get that Pink New 3DS XL you always wanted with this New 3DS Pink CoverAre you looking to change your New 3DS XL system into a Pink 3DS? Then you’ve come to the right place as there are a number of really cool options to change your boring New 3DS XL into that exciting Pink one that matches your style.


You can do this by using a a Pink 3DS Cover or a New 3DS skin that goes over your New 3DS that protects it and gives it flare.  Covers give you quite a bit more protection from scratches and dirt and in some cases even from falls. Skins are like a super high quality sticker that decorates your 3DS that can protect your 3DS from light scratches. Check out the Best New 3DS Pink Skins. I’ll be giving you the best New 3DS Pink Covers below. Because the New 3DS XL is so new, you are probably having a hard time finding that perfect Cover, but look no further as the best of the best are here!

New 3DS Pink Cover with Sparkles!If you want a glamorous Pink and Glittery New 3DS XL Cover than the GAMETECH new3DS XL Pink Cover to the left and down below is what you want!!!


As far as having a completely pink New 3DS XL this is really the only option out there but good thing it really rocks! It looks and feels fantastic. Bright pink with glitter and thick enough to offer your precious New 3DS protection but without making it too bulky! This will still fit in the New 3DS Case of your choosing!

New 3DS Pink Cover! Your best option to make your New 3DS Pink!
As you can see from the picture above, this Pink 3DS XL Cover is very striking and will have your 3DS stand out from the crowd from that drab and boring 3DS 😉


This New 3DS Pink Cover will turn heads as it is just elegant!Need something with a little more flare? Then check out this Purple Butterfly with Pink Flowers Protective Pink 3DS Cover! It protects your 3DS in Elegant Pink and Purple Style and just looks so Classy! The New 3DS Pink Cover is easy to get on and off as well and gives you that peace of mind that your beloved 3DS is protected!!! This cover is of a very high quality and you’ll notice it from the moment you open it.

New 3DS Pink Cover with pink flowers and purple butterflies! AdorableHigh quality material and it makes holding your New 3DS easier as the cover makes the 3DS easier to grip. It is not slippery like many covers are. A little pricey but so beautiful that you’ll be afraid to damage your Pink 3DS Cover so to protect it get a Pink Carrying Case for your 3DS :) Now keep in mind that this case is clear, so in the pic above the Pink 3DS XL Cover is on a black 3DS so that’s why there is a black background. This can really look just stunning on a Pink New 3DS XL! Or if you put a colored skin of your choice on your existing 3DS such as Purple or White or whatever you like than possibilities are endless on how glamorous you could make your New 3DS!


New 3DS XL Pink Cover

This adorable New 3DS Pink Cover to the left features an arched bridge, pink flowers, and a cat in this elegant Japanese Themed Pink 3DS Case. This case is very easy to put on and take off and fits the New 3DS XL Puuurfectly!!! GAMETECH really hit a home run with this New 3DS Pink Cover. They are truly beautiful and a work of art! All buttons and ports are accessible without any issues. This case is clear so whatever color your 3DS is will show through!

Adorable New 3DS Pink Cover

This New 3DS Pink Cover is so beautiful that you will probably be worried about getting the cover scratched :) It’s that nice!!! A little pricier than most but worth it if you want something really nice :)

New 3DS Pink Cover with Bunnies and Blossoms

This Cherry Blossom and Rabbit Pink New 3DS Cover is classy and cute at the same time! You will get compliments on this cover! Cute Pink Cherry Blossoms and Rabbits give this cover so much charm. This cover protects your New 3DS very, very well. Installation is a snap and it comes off quite easily as well! This is a hardshell case so protection is fantastic!

Pink Cover for New 3DS XL

This New Pink 3DS XL Cover is a little on the pricey side, but it is a premium product. One that will last and be glamorous all the while. My personal philosophy is I’m willing to pay a little extra for something I’m going to love than less for something that’s just okay :)

New 3DS Pink Cover with Pink flowers and Goldfish!

Pink Flowers and Goldfish New 3DS XL Pink Cover to the left and below! This New 3DS XL cover is a hard shell cover that protects your New 3DS XL in classy style. This cover is clear so whatever color your New 3DS is will show through as the background color which can make for a really cute 3DS. This is a high quality premium Pink New 3DS Cover so it costs a little bit more than other cheapo cases but you really do get what you pay for with this New 3DS Pink Cover.

New 3DS Pink Cover with Goldfish and Pink Flowers!



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