Pink New 3DS XL

Looking for a Pink New 3DS XL? Well, you’re not alone as Pink New 3DS XL Nintendo Systems are in demand! Find out how to get a Pink New 3DS XL below!

Pink New 3DS XL
Pink New 3DS XL using this high quality skin! You won’t even recognize your New 3DS!

I’m sure you are having a serious problem finding a Pink New 3DS XL for mainly one reason, Nintendo doesn’t make their best portable gaming system, the New 3DS XL in pink :( But don’t give up as there are some very simple ways of getting that New 3DS XL in Pink and in many ways even better than an official Pink New 3DS XL.


Even if you’re in the market for a Regular Pink 3DS XL, the prices for them can be just crazy, sometimes double for a Pink New 3DS. Don’t pay this crazy amount of money for a Pink Nintendo 3DS, especially the limited edition ones just to have your New 3DS be pink. There are a number of ways that in many ways are better and cheaper than paying a scalper on Ebay. Or even if you already have a 3DS in a color other than Pink, there are ways to make it pink! Or better yet, you can upgrade yourself to a New 3DS XL and make your old 3DS new and pink for that special someone! Win-win!


The best way to get that Pink New 3DS XL is to use a Pink New 3DS Skin

Transform your boring Nintendo New 3DS into that glamorous Pink New 3DS XL with a skin!
Want a to die for Pink 3DS XL? Use a PInk Skin and you won’t even recognize your boring 3DS anymore!

A skin is basically a sticker for your New 3DS XL that can really transform your boring New 3DS XL into that gorgeous Pink New 3DS XL that you always wanted!


A Pink 3DS skin is a very high quality sticker that won’t fade, peel, bubble, and can be taken off without leaving a sticky mess on your New 3DS XL. Well, at least the skins that I’ve recommended here won’t. There are a lot of generic cheapies out there that are just garbage. The good quality skins that I use and recommend will run you between $10-$15 and look fantastic :) You won’t believe your eyes as you won’t even recognize your New 3DS XL and not to mention that special someone’s reaction when you give them that customized Pink New 3DS XL!


Give your 3DS a facelift and change it into a PInk 3DS XL using a skin like I did with this 3DS for my son with a Spider-Man Skin!
I upgraded to a New 3DS so I put a Spider-Man Skin on my old 3DS XL and made it new again for my 5 year old son! He LOVED it!!! You can do the same with a Pink Skin!

I’ve personally have used skins when I have upgraded from my 3DS XL to the New 3DS XL when I gave my 4 year old my old system. I ordered a Spider-Man Skin, installed it, and gave it to him as a gift and it was like a whole new 3DS XL System. He loved it! And all of this for only $10 and about 10 minutes to install. Not to mention the money you save from scalpers. Just buy a regular common colored New 3DS XL for the suggested retail price of $199 and then buy a skin for $10-$15. After tax and everything is said and done you’ll still have money left over to buy a game or two and even a Pink New 3DS Case!


Pink New 3DS XL in Minnie Mouse!The ability to customize your New 3DS XL with skins is the greatest thing about them but the skins also protect your New 3DS XL from dirt and scratches! So when the next system from Nintendo comes out, be it the “New New 3DS XLXL” or whatever it’s called 😉 then you can simply peel the no mess skin off of your New 3DS XL to reveal a perfectly protected and like new 3ds XL that has been preserved. Your resale value goes through the roof. You’ll get even more money if you saved the original box and packaging. So skins are a very good option for getting the Holy Grail of New 3DS XL, a pink one;) Just take a look at some of the skinned Pink New 3DS XL systems and you’ll be convinced of this being a great option for you or whoever the Pink New 3DS is for!


Need a Pink New 3DS with more Protection? Then use a Pink New 3DS Cover!

Pink New 3DS XL by using a protective Cover!
Get that Pink New 3DS that you’ve been wanting with a Protective Cover! Sparkles Included!

Another great option of having your cake and eating it to is to get a New 3DS XL Pink Cover.  Now what’s the difference between a skin and a cover you may be asking?


Well a skin is like a high quality custom sticker while a cover is like an iPhone case. It covers your New 3DS and actually adds more of a barrier and protection than a skin. So it will make your New 3DS XL slightly bigger and often times this is a good thing because it gives you more to hold on to and it’s not as slippery. Just like trying to use your iPhone or Android phone without the case, feels weird and awkward. Same deal here.


The added protection that covers provide over skins is highly welcomed especially if this Pink New 3DS XL is for a young one but hey, drops and bangs happen to us all 😉 There are some really cool Pink New 3DS Covers that will make your New 3DS XL Pink and Glamorous just how you want it :)


Pink New 3DS using this premium cover! You'll want to protect the Pink New 3DS Cover as well, it's that nice! Just take a look at some of these New 3DS XL Pink Covers and you may just be charmed into getting one.


The ones from GAMETECH are especially high quality and even a piece of art. They are so nice that you’ll want to protect your Pink New 3DS XL cover as well so get a New 3DS Pink Case too!!!


Do you just want a real Pink New 3DS? Then your only options are the 3DS XL and the smaller 3DS :(

Pink 3DS Nintendogs bundle! Purrrfectly Pink for the Pet Lover!
Love Dogs? Love Cats? Love Pink? Than this Pink 3DS Bundle is what you want!

If you absolutely must have a Pink 3DS and a Pink 3DS skin or cover won’t do then you do have options but the biggest compromise you’ll have to make as of writing this is you will have to settle for the regular Pink Nintendo 3DS XL or the smaller sized 3DS instead of the far better stabilized 3D of the New 3DS XL. Confused yet? You should be. Basically there are 3 models of Nintendo’s 3DS system. The New 3DS XL, the 3DS XL, and the original 3DS.  The New 3DS XL is the best system because of the stabilized 3D. The previous model, the 3DS XL is a great system but you have to hold the system perfectly still for the 3D effect not to be broken. And then the original 3DS which has 90% smaller screens.  That’s right, 90% smaller screens. So the big difference between the systems are for the best 3D experience get the New 3DS XL. If you don’t need or care about 3D, get the Pink 3DS XL. If you want something really portable get the original Pink 3DS. Both the 3DS XL and the original 3DS come in Pink.


The 3D effect is better for one big reason on the New 3DS, the eye tracking technology  keeps the 3D in focus instead of it blurring out like the regular 3DS XL which happens because hey, games get intense and when you hit buttons the 3DS is going to move sightly which causes the 3D to blur. The regular 3DS XL isn’t bad, you just have to hold the system steady while playing. It’s totally doable and enjoyable but takes a little practice. If you want the best 3D experience on the 3DS and having it Pink is second in what’s important, then get the New 3DS XL and a Pink Skin or Pink Cover. The extra money is so worth it for the improved 3D.

If the 3D doesn’t matter or if you’re going to disable it for your child anyways than save money and having a Pink 3DS is the goal than get a regular Pink 3DS XL. The 90% bigger screens than the smaller Pink 3DS is sooooooo much better.  There isn’t really any reason to get the smaller 3DS unless you have your heart set on the Pink 3DS color and smaller size which does come in handy.


As far as the 3D goes, in my opinion if your kids are under the age of 10 then they shouldn’t be playing in 3D either for the sake of eye development.  Nintendo says for ages 7 and above. If in doubt consult your ophthalmologist or just turn the 3D off using the parental controls and password.


Pink 3DS XL! This oh so cute Pink and White 3DS XL Is just gorgeous!
Big and Pink is hard to beat! This Pink 3DS XL is just adorable!

So now that we’re all past that, a Pink 3DS is pretty awesome and just downright fabulous and even on the rare side.  Some of them are quite hard to find but will cost a premium.


The Pink 3DS XL pictured left is readily available and is pretty awesome looking. It’s pink on the outer shell and white on the inside and this combination really compliments the system! However you will pay about $40 more for this Pink and White 3DS XL than a regular one.


Pink 3DS in Pearl Pink by Nintendo. This is the original 3DS so the screens are smaller but the 3D is slightly better than the XL!
This Pink 3DS is just gorgeous! Smaller screen but slightly better 3D. If you want a highly portable Pink 3DS than this is the one!

If you need your Pink 3DS to be small and compact and to be pink on the inside, then you’re only option is the Pearl Pink 3DS.


This little gal is just adorable and can fit into almost any pocket. The Pearl Pink is just so stylish.  The screens on this Pink 3DS are 90% smaller than the Pink 3DS XL mentioned above.  The 3D effect is slightly better on this Pearl Pink 3DS but in my opinion the bigger screens on the Pink and White 3DS XL is the way to go. There really isn’t any comparison when it comes to screen size. Once you use the 90% bigger Pink 3DS XL, you really can’t go back to the smaller screen size. So unless you need your Pink 3DS to be ultra portable, go with the Pink and white 3DS XL or save $50 and get a regular Black 3DS XL and get a pink skin or pink cover and you will still have money left over!!!


Not a Pink 3DS but just as cool if not cooler, a Disney Mickey Mouse 3DS XL!!!

Pink 3DS XL Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 3DS XL!!! Not exactly a Pink 3DS but it is still pretty Awesome!!!

Pictured to the left is this way too cool Mickey Mouse 3DS XL! It is just classy and is perfect for all you Disney fans and you know who you are:) Just a great piece of Disney on a Nintendo 3DS XL that works so well together.  The Enchanted Kingdom paired with Nintendo equals pure magic and good times. This will not disappoint the Disney and Gaming fan in your life!!! The finish is just gorgeous. The system is white Matte which is a good thing because it prevents fingerprints but he Mickey Heads are gloss which gives it a really cool magical glow when it reflects light!


3DS Mickey Mouse
Magical Glow from the reflective Mickey Heads on this Nintendo 3DS XL Mickey Mouse Edition!

And the best part of this Mickey Mouse 3DS XL is that it is only $10 more than a plain old regular 3DS XL! That’s right, not double the price or some ridiculous thing like that, but just $10 extra so it is so worth it!!!

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